Need to fund a new world order?

We offer a wide assortment of loan types to cater to every business contingency.


Ideas capable of reshaping our world often require vast sums of money to bring to life. Our loans have never met an idea they couldn’t birth. So bring on the big ideas and let’s change the world together.


    * Duly filled and signed Account Opening Form
    * Two (2) Specimen Signature Cards
    * Two (2) Independent and satisfactory references (completed by another Limited Liability Company or higher.)
    * Two (2) recent and clear passport-size photographs for each signatory to the account
    * Certificate of Incorporation (Originals to be sighted)
    * Particulars of Directors – Form CO7 (Certified True Copy by the Registrar of Companies and originals to be sighted)
    * Memorandum and Articles of Association (Certified True Copy by the Registrar of Companies/Director of Company)
    * Board Resolution (Signed and Sealed)
    * Resident Permit (Where the signatory is an expatriate)
    * Public Utility Receipt
    * Form CO2 and CAC 2.1 (originals to be sighted)
    * Visitation Form (Residential and Official)
    * Mandatory Initial Deposit
    * Risk Assessment Form


    * Corporate Internet Banking
    * Email/SMS Alertz
    * Debit card (optional)


    * Corporate internet Banking
    * Transaction notification
    * In-branch at any Bancorp Financial Solutions Bank branch
    * Bancorp Financial Solutions BankDirect – our 24/7 telephone banking
    * Bancorp Financial Solutions Bank ATM nationwide – free cash withdrawal
    * Access your account using your Bancorp Financial Solutions Bank debit card at participating merchant stores for payment of goods and services in locally and anywhere in the world